Who We Are

Melvin is quite the sight. He socializes freely, makes friends easily, loves to be in the community, dining on fried chicken if he has his say.  This is quite a departure from the 12 years he spent in his room, solitary.



Anita too has impressed friends and family with her personal exuberance, devilish wit, love of nature and slurpees. She has an apartment that has replaced previous years locked into the structure of a state institution.

Who We Serve

These participants are our jewels. Their behaviors, personal histories and quirks have marked their journeys toward independence and self expression. They are aspirational, as are their families.


Harambee is the culmination of dreams – mine (executive director and founder Denise Bradley) and those of our staff and participants. Everyone wants to feel valued, to be viewed as a contributor, to have a vision of happiness and be able to act on it. This is what we strive to offer, an environment of possibilities, of opportunities at home, in the community, and at work.


Come visit our world...


It's All About Passion!

Our mission is primarily accomplished through our employees and we believe our employees are our greatest asset! We support personal and professional development and opportunities for advancement. We provide paid trainings and strive to provide employees competitive salaries and benefits. Check out our job openings.

At HCS, we value quality, dignity and choice and partners with our community to increase participation and expand opportunities for people with disabilities inspiring Bay Area residents to welcome people with disabilities in all areas of  life.

HCS is proud to partner with these organizations: